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Related article: the coming season, " Sweet aro the uses of advertisement," to those, Co Diovan Tablets at all events, Diovan Canada who wish to know what Polo is corning on at the club. The news, that the somewhat burning question of the number of ponies to be kept at the club by any Diovan 20 Mg one memt>er in to be considered, is satisfactory, Ranelagh has one advantage over Huriingham in the room for expansion which their unrivalled 2/8 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [April situation, and the enterprise with which they have taken advantage of it, give them. It is the pecuHar credit of the club that ahhough the list has long since been so full as to make the attraction of new members no important considera- tion, yet they have never ceased to endeavour to meet the wants of those who belong to the club. The addition of a practice ground, so much needed and desired by all London polo players, is a great boon, and will be of permanent benefit to the game as well as to the club. It is not possible to play polo really well without much and constant practice. The im- provement to the second ground has been very great, part of the turf having been Generic Diovan 320 taken up, and clay laid down instead of gravel. If we turn to the present state of the game itself we shall see that some changes are still needed in the rules. Mr. Drybrough, in his careful analysis of the laws of polo, has incidentally shown what a considerable divergence of practice there is from one another among Diovan Generic Equivalent the leading players, when acting as umpires, in the matter of " offside." It seems to us that all doubt should be removed, and a distinct direction given to umpires as to the position which lays a player open to the penalties of offside. So important a matter should not be Diovan Valsartan 160 Mg left open to doubt. On thinking the matter over care- fully it seems impossible to doubt that Messrs. Buckmaster and Miller's view is the right one, and if, e.g.. No. I A's pony's nose Diovan For Sale is in front of No. 4 B's pony, so 160 Mg Diovan that the umpire can see that it is so, then it follows that No. i is between Diovan Generic Alternative No. 4 and the goal to all intents and purposes, and if no other player of No, 4's side Co Diovan Novartis be between him and the goal he is offside, whether his knee be in front or behind that of No. 4. Two other rules demand careful consideration. In the matter of " standing over the ball," should not the umpire be given some discretion to check this practice, even if it be not thought desir- able, under certain circumstances which will occur to every polo player, to forbid standing over the ball altogether? Probably it would be better to give some instruction in the bye-laws to the umpire rather than to lay down a hard and fast rule. One more point seems to us to require notice. Should not the rule about crooking the stick be altered so as to forbid hitting the adversary's stick, or crooking a stick simply in order to hinder his progress, and when the adversary has no reasonable chance of hitting the ball ? These points all seem of some importance, and worthy of the consideration of those who are entrusted with the task of guiding the fortunes of the game. Turning from the game itself to those who play it, we have to regret the absence of some well-known players from their regimental or club teams. Colonel Le Gallais and Major Perrse, whose new rank was won in Egypt, \vill both be away. The Queen's Bays have lost Major Whitla, who has Diovan 325 Mg been promoted into the 3rd Hussars, a regiment which, with Captain Goring and Major Oswald in its team, should do well in Indian polo. A glance at the Ranelagh fixtures will show- that the loth Hussars, the Royal Horse Guards, the Inniskillings, Diovan Cough and the 12th Lancers are going to put in some strong work in the way of practice matches there. The Royal Horse Guards have lost Mr. Rose for the time being, as he has gone to Africa, and Mr. Neil Haig is in Australia, though that may not prevent him from playing for his regiment. Mr. Haig's keenness rises superior to i899.] THE COMING POLO SEASON. 279 the terrors of a sea voyage. Among existing players of the first class there will be few changes, and the consideration of the rising generation Diovan 12.5 Mg Diovan 25 Mg of young players belongs rather to the retrospect of the autumn. Mr. P. Nickalls, the young back player v^ho impressed so favourably all ^who saw him last year in the County Cup match at Eden Park, has gone into *' The Service/' and ivill be a useful addition to the polo strength of any regiment. How far this will interfere with the defence of the cup by the Chislehurst team we do not know. We shall look forward anxiously to the County Cup contest this year, Diovan Savings Card and hope that the Associa- tion will not fail to make the meeting as great a success as the £den Park gathering of last year. It is satisfactory to hear that Wellington have a team Diovan Discount Card in pre- paration, and we can depend upon Stansted, whose No. i, Mr. Guy Gilbey, however, has not suffici- ently recovered from his accident, to take his usual place. This accident should make players think twice before buying these long - bodied, rather Diovan Generics unwieldy ponies. A polo pony, to turn readily and safely, should not be of the long " yawing " sort. If a pony or a horse has the appear- ance of great length it is more often than not a sign of ill-placed shoulders. The slope of the shoulder may look all right as we stand by the pony's side, but if the wither is not placed well back the bones of the shoulder cannot really be at a proper angle. A shortish pony, even if a bit ** on the leg," is a better and safer and faster mount than the long-looking animals Diovan Copay Card which are attractive Diovan 80mg Tablets on account of their breeding, and a sort of look of speed which is often deceptive. But all ponies want much more schooling than they usually have long after they have acquitted themselves fairly well in a game. Diovan 360 Mg With good weather we may look forward to a pleasant season. There will be more grounds to play in, and these better kept than ever (by the way, common con- sent seems to have declared 300 yards by 170 yards as the best size for a boarded ground in this country), plenty of players, and all we wish for is a few more good ponies to play on. Messrs. Miller